Episode 61: Joe Laratro on Improving your SEO // Social PR Secrets Podcast hosted by Lisa Buyer

What is the key for businesses, brands and people to stay connected during this time? Matt Johnston says the answer is simple — empathy.In this episode of the Social PR Secrets with host Lisa Buyer, author and social video expert Matt Johnston discuss the importance of infusing empathy within video content to create a connection with people online. Johnston had an original TikTok video about his struggle with small appendages go viral and reemphasize the importance of being organic online to create viral content. During the episode, Johnston discusses the scope of video content during the coronavirus pandemic and its projected continued success through the years. He advises both personal and business brands to create content with the idea of it being shared in mind because then empathy will always come forward. “Empathy runs the world if you let it, and it’s good if you do,” – Matt JohnstonSome topics discussed in this episode include:* Importance of empathy* Mirror content and virality* Building trust and connectionContact Matt Johnston:* Matt’s Twitter* Matt’s LinkedInMore from Matt Johnston:* His book “Producing Empathy: The Secret Method”* Matt’s WebsiteSubscribe to & Review Social PR Secrets PodcastThanks for tuning into this week’s episode of the Social PR Secrets podcast by Lisa Buyer. If the information in this show’s interview inspired you in your business or life journey, feel free to head over to Apple, subscribe to the show, and leave us an honest review. Your feedback helps us continue to not only deliver actionable, relevant, helpful content, it will also help us reach even more amazing entrepreneurs, disruptors, and rockstars just like you!Want more? Get your copy of the latest edition of Social PR Secrets today! … continua →