Female Disruptors at Baby Bathwater Mastermind

Lianna Patch has no problem raising her hand, sharing big ideas, and inspiring other females.She knows how to think on her feet. As a stand-up comedian and founder of Punchline, a thriving copywriting business, Lianna is a true female disruptor. I met her at a recent Baby Bathwater mastermind, and it was the last session of the three-day event when Lianna took a small step for women entrepreneurs. There was a call for members to come on stage and share our best strategies and tactics.Me to self: “I’m not worthy.”That imposter syndrome feeling started to set in, and I lost all confidence and courage to share anything. The syndrome has been found to impact men and women in roughly equal numbers.Not Lianna. She realized no women had submitted to the Baby Einstein challenge. After about ten mostly bearded and insanely successful men shared their best strategy tips, I started to think, hey I could have contributed *something* worthwhile.Lianna raised her hand. … continua →